Beautiful design for chilly evenings. Enjoy the Mexican heat!   The classic design looks great with modern garden furniture.

Beautiful design for chilly evenings. Enjoy the Mexican heat! The classic design looks great with modern garden furniture.


Easy to use. amazing taste. .

Curious people enjoy trying new foods. It is like traveling. Once you start to do it, the more you want to do it. First, you try different kinds of restaurants and at some point you find yourself preparing all kinds of different foods at home.

Real food, made with fresh ingredients is not only good for your health, it is pure enjoyment to make and to eat. Even close to your home there are now plenty of places where you can buy wonderful ingredients. Recipes are a only mouse click away. We live in amazing food-times.

This food trend has also gone outdoors. Kitchens are being made for outdoor use. Large shiny in chrome finish with all the functions of the indoor kitchen. But who does not remember the campfires of their youth. Roasting some marshmallows or cooking food over an open fire.

Let us bring you back to those times. Easy to use, authentic cookwares, made of natural terra-cottta and wrought iron. This website presents to you an outdoor kitchen concept that will change your views on a cookout, BBQ and pizza baking.

This is not a kitchen concept that was adapted to work in your garden. This kitchen concept was created outside to give you a real authentic outdoors cooking experience anywhere you'll take it.


The Sol-y-Yo® stone pizza oven is amazingly easy to use. In 15 minutes you can preheat the oven and enter the pizza.

First burn small pieces of dry wood in the back of the oven and add larger pieces on top. Once you feel strong heat radiating through the walls of the oven, the temperature is high enough to start baking. 350ºC or 660ºF is e great temperature to bake them fast and crispy.

Keep burning wood in the back of the ovenas you bake in the front part to keep the temperature high enough. Use utility thongs to enter the wood in the back and to turn the pizza 180º, so the same part is not sitting close to the fire.



For a pizza meal for 10 people you spend maybe USD 15 in ingredients. Spend USD 25 to make 10 gourmet pizzas. Google some pizza recipes and start exploring you Italian talents.

Instead of making food in the kitchen while the party goes on in the garden, you become the center of the party with the pizza oven on your table. Each person makes his own pizza, so no complaints about the ingredients. Great to own. Great present to give. Packed in a beautiful gift carton.

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